Are Dot Markers Washable?

We all know that dot markers are the best activity tool for toddlers and preschoolers, but many forget that it’s essential to keep the surroundings clean. 

So it would help if you had a dot marker that allows kids to draw on any surface like paper, clothing, tabletops, windows, etc. The markers are washable, so when your kids draw on the walls, carpets, and floors, they can be washed away with a hose. 

When dirty, dot markers will prevent toddlers and preschoolers from creating their best work, so it’s important to remember to wash them off after use. 

Are They Washable?

One of the great things about dot markers is that they’re easy to clean up. Many of our customers ask us, “are dot markers washable?” The answer is they most certainly are!

So, if your child is creating drawings or dabbing colors over the do-a-dot pages, washable dot markers come in handy as it is easy to clean the color smudge markers that make the environment around us messy.

As the name “washable dot markers” implies, these markers are appropriate for children to use in making marks on walls, other surfaces, or their bodies that can be cleaned up with water. 

Many of the materials are washable as well, which makes cleanup even more manageable. 

The Majority of dot markers are washable, at least what the companies claim. However, there are dot markers that do not stand up to the company’s claim. Such markers aren’t entirely washable. They might take a day or two to vanish completely. 

Are Dot Markers Washable?

Secondly, if the ink spills, it should be easily washable from clothes and hands ultimately. It also implies that the marker is non-toxic and safe for children. 

Tip: Buy a marker with good ratings and positive reviews even though it costs a few extra. 

While the markers are not as permanent as other art supplies, they are a great way to create fun art projects. For the preschooler who likes to carry his art supplies around, washable dot markers are perfect.

How Do Washable Markers Work?

Washable markers are made from ink pigments produced out of food colorant powders, oil, or vinegar sometimes. Water is also a component in creating ink for the markers.  Hence these water-based bottles store the ink under their spongy tip markers. 

The washable markers are easier to wash than the traditional color markers. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly as well to make them safe for the children. 

To ensure the tips don’t dry up, you must teach your kid to cap it when it is not in use. If the markers dry up, all you need to add few drops of vinegar or water. It makes the marker run longer. 

Washable Dot markers like Crayola offer nearly 40 different color markers. If the ink gets rubbed on the kid’s skin, you can easily wash them off later.

The sponge tips ensure there are no ink spills. Soap and water can clean them quickly. Chakola traditional markers can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Can You Use Do-A-Dot Markers On Glass?

There’s no specific answer to this question as the reports have shown mixed results. Some wipe off, and some don’t. Some colors don’t stick well on glass. 

Also, you can’t use Do-a-dot markers on a plastic surface. On plastic surfaces, the marker isn’t easily washable. Maybe you can use dot markers on glass. 

Do Washable Markers Work On Laminated Paper?

Washable markers do work on laminated papers. Just wipe off with a wet towel or paperHowever, there are markers whose ink doesn’t dry fast enough resulting in smears. It’s better to read reviews before making a purchase. (Usually, the ink doesn’t dry)

Can You Use Dot Markers On Windows?

It’s not recommended to use dot markers on windows. They are best used on paper and whiteboard. There hasn’t been any test on a window. Therefore, please do not use it on windows as its washability isn’t examined.


Dot Art is a traditional activity that has been great fun for kids and adults. It’s a comprehensive package of learning with joy. Develops fine motor skills and encourages creativity. Dot Markers should be non-toxic, clean, and odorless. Grab a washable dot marker for your child now!

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