What Are The Best Learning Apps For A 5 Year Old

Many things happen when a child is growing up, especially when he is five. The child is gradually growing with changes and advancements in intelligence, emotions, and physical aspect. Now he understands stuff very well and can better grip math. Between 5 to 7 years of age, kids learn very fast. So they can grasp concepts efficiently. 

In recent times, kids have been confined to homes. Thus the majority of schools have relied more on online classes. They are resulting in increasing screen time. Though online classes are a great way to teach students, it isn’t the best bet for kindergarten kids. 

In physical classes, teachers are likely to pay more attention to each child. It isn’t easy in an online class. Therefore, teachers have been guiding parents to conduct activities at home. With increased screen time, busy parents, and tons of content floating on the internet, parents are concerned about learning. 

Thus parents are constantly searching for learning apps that ensure safe learning. And, if you are also searching for the best learning app, I hope your search ends here because we have come up with the best learning apps for 5-year-old kids. 

Elmo loves 123s

Elmo is a great app if you want your kid to learn numbers quickly. It’s best for teaching numbers. The app uses your kid’s favorite characters to initiate learning. The app uses games, videos, and drawing activities to teach numbers. The app also focuses on memorizing number shapes and how to count them. 

Elmo emphasizes more on self-motivated learning more. It familiarizes the kid with a long chain of numbers and counting habits. Most importantly, the app has a child lock that makes it harder for kids to exit and mess with the phone. Suitable for children up to five years of age. 

Pictorial methods like drawing and videos help in better memorization. Try Elmo if your child needs help with number counting. Available for both Android and IOS requires a subscription. 

Elmo on Google Play Store

Elmo on Apple App Store

Starfall ABCs

Starfall is a great app to introduce the alphabet and its sounds to children. It’s a free app available on Android & IOS. This app is great for kids up to 5 years old. Starfall ABC includes visual, audio, and interaction with letters. The activities in the app encourage kids to explore, play, interact, and learn safely. 

The app might require parental assistance initially, but it’s hassle-free once the child enjoys exploring. The app can also help autistic kids in learning the alphabet. It includes games, images, audio, and more for learning phonics. 

The app first teaches alphabets like A, a, B, b, and so on. After that, the app teaches how to pronounce it and how phonics work. Alligator pronunciation will be different from Apple’s. This essential learning is well thought out in Starfall. The app is excellent as it’s completely free and strengthens alphabet basics.

Starfall ABCs on Google Play Store

Starfall ABCs on Apple App Store

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an app with a humongous set of activities to teach math, executive function, socio-emotional learning, ELA, and creativity. The app is suitable for even second graders. Math activity in this app is top-notch because the content stretches up to second grade.

Children can learn a variety of skills in the English language and math. The app includes numbers, addition, logic building, alphabets, phonics, and early reading. 

Khan Academy Kids on Google Play Store

Khan Academy Kids on Apple App Store


Kiddopia is an interactive learning app, perfect for kids up to seven years of age. It is an award-winning app designed by teachers and is kidSAFE certified. KidSAFE assures that the content the app includes is kid-friendly. You don’t need to monitor your child’s screen time when using the app. 

The app includes excellent math, alphabet, phonics, and general awareness curriculum activities. The app’s reviews are evident and enough to prove the app’s work. Kiddopia builds curiosity, and curiosity is the basis of education.

Kiddopia on Google Play Store

Kiddopia on Apple App Store

Homer Learn Grow

Homer Learn Grow will take your kid through a personalized learning journey. The app personalizes the learning experience according to the age and academic level of the child. After signing up, the app asks about age, interests, reading level, and questions to determine your academic status. 

After you fill in the answers, tap on PLAY. Now, the app offers seven areas to work on—math, games, reading, songs, creativity, stories, and practice. The reading part gives the kid a personalized experience according to his level. If a kid lacks knowledge of the alphabet and phonics, the app will start from that. 

Here the app understands no one program works for every child. Similarly, other areas are custom, and the child gets a defined path to walk on. Meanwhile, parents receive information and updates through email.

Homer Learn Grow on Google Play Store

Homer Learn Grow on Apple App Store

Aldoo Kids

Aldoo kids are not such a famous learning app, but it offers more than 500 activities for kids. The app focuses on cognitive development and academic relevance. The app contains no ads but has subscription plans. You can try it for free too. 

It’s more of a foundation-laying application. It includes nothing in advance and generally includes usual numbers, letters, and shapes. Another remarkable aspect of Aldoo is “Graphics.” The graphics are vivid and nothing too complex. The color combination is well-chosen and ensures clarity. The games in Aldoo may encourage kids to play and gradually learn as here things start from the basics. 

The app is best for preschoolers having little knowledge of language and math. Even 5-year-olds can use this app to get better clarity and try activities they are interested in. I recommend this app only if your child is in the initial stages of learning or wants to try out new challenges. The app revolves around number and alphabet identification, not emphasizing speech or other prevalent topics. 

Aldoo kids on Google Play Store

Aldoo kids on Apple App Store

Endless Alphabet

When listing the best learning apps for kids, how could we miss Endless Alphabet? Listed by almost every blog or quora review, the endless alphabet remains consistent. It’s a popular app for 5-year-old kids. Learning the alphabet, numbers, phonics, and vocabulary is an excellent choice. 

The app also challenges kids to construct and deconstruct words in the correct order. The app is suitable for kids with a good foundation in the alphabet and decent in phonics. The app is more focused on teaching vocabulary, so if a preschooler with a weak foundation tries this app, he might get misled. So it’s better to opt for endless alphabets once the foundation is firm.

Endless Alphabet on Google Play Store

Endless Alphabet on Apple App Store


DIY.org – Creative Challenge app is best for kids looking for something outside the academic box. The app focuses more on the creative aspect. Being creative is equally important as academic studies. GIY offers plenty of projects to encourage kids to use their creativity and boosts their imagination. 

With rich experiments comes curiosity and creativity. The app has 100s of skills and 1000s of videos. DIY covers everything from arts to science to photography to social skills. The app encourages kids to learn new things interestingly. However, some projects might need to be clarified for your child and might need parental supervision. 


Duolingo is one of the best apps when it comes to learning languages. It’s best for beginners, even for kids. The app is visually easy to focus on as it contains no advertisements. You can try it for free and then opt for the paid plan. In the program, you can select any language you wish to learn. The app asks you how you want to know the language. 

Modes like casual, regular, and intense learning define how fast you can learn the language. Duolingo is better than its competitors because it also offers affordable learning programs with monthly options. Secondly, it’s more engaging and fun to use Duolingo.

Duolingo on Google Play Store

Duolingo on Apple App Store

Toca Life

Toca Life is an after-school activity app. It offers kids to perform curriculum activities virtually. The app revolves around a character that moves into different rooms to try activities. However, the controller of the character will be your child. 

This app is suitable for kids about to join the school as they can experience an overview of extracurricular after-school activities. The app may also help your child to find his interests and hobbies. Trying out so many activities and interests might awaken.

Toca Life on Google Play Store

Toca Life on Apple App Store

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