How To Teach A Child To Cut With Scissors

Are you a parent wondering how to teach a child to cut with scissors correctly? If so, this article is here to make your parenting journey easy. Read on!

As much as using scissors to cut can benefit your child in various ways, the importance of learning how to teach a child to cut with scissors well is indisputable. After all, scissors are sharp and could pose a danger to the kid if they don’t use them accordingly.

How to teach a child to cut with scissors? First, introduce your kid to a fine motor skill activity for strong fingers. Second, show them how to hold the scissor and allow them to follow your cutting instructions and lastly, emphasize on the safety measures.

But, as a parent, you might think that it would be easier if you ensured that your toddler doesn’t use scissors at all costs. Since they say better safe than sorry, that sounds like the best move.

However, it would be unfair to the child since they would miss out, especially in art and craft. Equally important, using scissors to cut helps a kid develop many skills they could use in the future.

That’s why it would be advisable to learn how to teach a child to cut with scissors instead. It makes it possible for your child to enjoy and learn a lot without compromising her safety. At the same time, you don’t have to worry every time your kid is using them.

Fortunately, this article provides a guide on how to teach a child to cut with scissors correctly. Keep reading to understand the same and consequently help your kid learn yet another new thing.

1. Start with the basics

Using scissors requires fine motor skills, and that’s why you shouldn’t introduce them to your kid right away. Instead, use other alternatives to help them develop the necessary skills.

For them to use scissors, they need strong fingers and hands. That’s achievable using clothespins, squirt guns games, hole punch to punch holes, and spinning a top.

Bilateral coordination is also necessary, which the kid can learn by tearing papers with hands at first. The precision aspect, finger puppets’ games, and using an eyedropper to squeeze watercolor paint onto a paper will help.

Before your kid can start using scissors and any other dangerous yet necessary object, ensure that he can follow instructions. For instance, he should be in a position to obey if you tell him to put them down or stop.

Equally important, ensure that you have the right scissors to save your child from much trouble during the lessons. Since they have small hands, see that the scissors you buy are considerate of that reality.

Various children use different dominant hands hence the availability of right-handed and left-handed scissors. Ensure you buy the one that meets your child’s needs.

2. How to teach a child to cut with scissors

When it comes to teaching kids how to cut with scissors, let it be progressive. Ensure that you start with the simple things before progressing to the complex ones.

The first step is to ensure that they do as little as just watching you use scissors. Only start teaching them once they show curiosity because that’s a sign that they are ready to learn.

Once they show interest, show them how to hold the scissors. The thumb should always go in the hole and should also be up all the time. As for the other hole, they should put both the index and the middle fingers.

Now they have observed you and heard the ground rules of holding scissors, let them try practically.

If you manage to hold the scissors correctly and comfortably, now it is time to practice opening and closing them. As soon as they can handle that, introduce them to cutting.

They should hold the scissors so that it is perpendicular to the object they intend to cut. To operate them, the kid needs to move his thumb up and down. Your child shouldn’t bend the wrist during cutting so that they can make a clean cut.

When it comes to cutting material, don’t jump right into using papers at first. Instead, go for the likes of play dough and straws. Equally important, start with simple things like cutting along lines before progressing to shapes and figures.

Finally, let them practice opening and closing scissors and cutting because it is the only way they will master the art. Always compliment them after every improvement to encourage them to do even better next time.

3. Emphasize various safety measures

At this stage, the child is already using scissors to cut. It becomes necessary for you always to stress the importance of handling them with care. Always remind them that if misused, scissors can hurt him or the people around him.

Also, remind them that as long as they are using the scissors well, they don’t have to worry so that it doesn’t discourage the child from using them.

Tell them that only adults can use scissors to cut hair. They should also not cut other things such as crayons, clothing, hair, and fingers. Instead, they should only cut playdough and paper unless stated otherwise.

Unless necessary, they shouldn’t walk while holding scissors, but they should be careful if they have to, including walking slowly. It reduces the chances of cutting themself, especially if they fall while holding scissors.

Inform the child that you will take away the scissors if they don’t follow the rules. Then, do that if they don’t follow them so that they follow them next time.

Related Questions

How To Use Scissors Safely

If you are wondering about how to use scissors safely, the answer is simple. First of all, the child has to follow the above safety guidelines. They include only using scissors to cut paper and avoiding walking with scissors.

In addition to that, please encourage them to cut while sitting at a table. Settle for children’s scissors since they are suitable for their hands and designed with safety features.

The blades should always be pointing away from the kid so that he doesn’t end up cutting himself accidentally. Last but not least, always supervise your kid when using scissors to cut.

How to teach a left-handed child to cut with scissors

The process of reaching a left-handed child to cut with scissors is similar to that of his right-handed counterpart.

All that you have to do is to buy left-handed scissors, and your kid will have it easy. That’s because the cutting blade of the left-handed scissors is on the left-hand side and vice versa.

Therefore, if a left-handed child uses right-handed scissors, he will not see the cutting line since the blade will obstruct it. With practice and the correct scissors, your kid will eventually cut various materials accurately.

Final Words

That marks the end of the discussion of how to teach a child to cut with scissors. As much as scissors are dangerous, they play a huge role in a child’s creative journey through gluing and cutting.  

It is good evil, and as a parent, you can handle the drawbacks by teaching your kid to cut with scissors correctly. Once he learns that, he will be confident enough to use them hence master the skill within no time. Additionally, the kid doesn’t hurt himself in the process, and you also get peace of mind. Remember to start with the basics before you start using the scissors.

Besides, teach him to hold the scissors properly so that he uses them safely and effectively. Always emphasize the importance of handling scissors safely and remind the kid to follow all the rules. Finally, choose the scissors depending on the dominant hand of your child. If you follow that, teaching your child to cut with scissors will be a breeze and enjoyable.

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